Wednesday, August 8

Green lights. We’ve got a positive line-up of aspects in the Skywatch today.

The Moon in home sign Cancer sails out into quiet waters this morning urging you to trust your gut reactions in important matters.

Meanwhile, the Sun meets Retrograde Mercury at 7:06 pm PDT increasing the flow of ideas and communications.

A splendid Water Grand Trine fills evening skies as the Moon trines lucky Jupiter at 8:43 pm and then trines psychic and creative Neptune at 10:43 pm.  This alignment suggests an excellent night for introductions, all social plans and sharing emotions and deep feelings with those you love.

As times change.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday, August 8

    1. StillDancing

      It’s new to me too. Just came across the transom of web info. Apparently it is a cosmic phenomenon where there is an alignment on 08/08/2018. As in, there is an opening in the universe where one can channel energy?

  1. lance Ferguson

    unknown to me…nothing noted by astrologers…there is a lot of bullshit on the web…
    this sounds like some of it.


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