Wednesday, August 9

Tidy up.  Mercury enters his Retrograde cycle this coming Saturday.  Best if you complete projects and orders over the next few days before this confusing three-week cycle begins.

Tackle the hard jobs first thing Wednesday morning as the Moon trines sweet Venus at 10:45 am PDT and listen closely as the Moon opposes clever Mercury at 11:51 am.

It will be easy to lose your focus when the Moon meets spacey Neptune in the heavens at 4:14 pm.  But you might also get a “cosmic transmission” if you are tuned in.  Both players are psychic and encourage you to trust your intuition.

Evening skies are pleasant as Mercury and Venus form a gentle sextile in the Skywatch.  Exact at 2:03 am early Thursday morning, this pair is good at talking and finding agreement and harmony.

Helpful is the Moon making a sextile to healing Pluto at 11:22 pm.  It all adds up to a stellar evening for introductions and all social plans.

As times change.

One thought on “Wednesday, August 9

  1. lance Ferguson

    want to repeat my offer..if you would like a hard copy of Skywatch, send me a one dollar bill and a long Self-addressed stamped envelope and I will mail you a copy. I have August, September and October issues available, but can only send one in an envelope…so tell me which month you want or I’ll just send you the current issue. If you have a birthday coming up…send for the month it happens and get my take on your year ahead.


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