Wednesday, December 16

A BIG, BIG change shows up in the heavens today. Conservative Saturn enters liberal and rebellious Aquarius at 9:03 pm PST for a 2+ year journey, ending two years of squashing our lives in home sign Capricorn.

Saturn only comes this way once every 29 years and promises to shake things up in the months ahead. You can wait at the curb for changes, or you can get on the bus—it’s all up to each of us how we react to the energy in the Skywatch.

The Moon makes two unsettled hits this morning. She squares feisty Mars, still in home sign impatient Aries, at 7:32 am PST. Luna then conjuncts intense Pluto at 11:32 am, and you might not get what you want with these two.

Afternoon hours then are better for calls and business. Evening hours are hit and miss. The Moon meets upbeat Jupiter at 9:34 pm but then turns Void of Course until she enters Aquarius and runs into Saturn at 10:28 pm.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, December 16

  1. lance ferguson

    information on the Jupiter Saturn conjunction is in my letter in the section up top. It’s good news…check it out.


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