Wednesday, December 27

Shockingly positive. Green lights.

That’s how things can work out today as the Moon meets unpredictable Uranus in the heavens at 12:57 pm PST and then turns Void of Course until she enters practical Taurus at 10:23 pm Wednesday night.

Hold off on making important final decisions while the Moon is V/C. However, in this window of time, heroic Mars in Scorpio makes a splendid trine to compassionate and creative Neptune in Pisces, exact at 10:00 pm.

Another positive marker follows as the Moon trines dependable Saturn at midnight. The Mars trine infuses the entire day and night with the calling of charity and finding peaceful solutions.

And it definitely amps up the creative forces in all of us—don’t hesitate to put your personal stamp on matters today and tonight.

As times change.

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  1. lance Ferguson

    if you haven’t seen a Datebook, look up top on this page…click on ‘Sample” and you can view 2017 Datebook….the 2018 Version is the same layout.


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