Wednesday, December 6

Stay under the speed limit this morning and take a conservative approach.

Caution lights are up—we have a strange lineup in the Skywatch today. Mercury Rx meets realistic Saturn in the heavens at 4:05 am PST early Wednesday morning. The Moon squares goofy Uranus a few minutes later—likely you’ll sleep through all this.

An invigorating Mercury Rx sextile to Mars at 7:58 am is followed by the Moon squaring impatient Mars at 9:56 am and then turning Void of Course until she enters fiery Leo at 12:37 pm.

After all this static the best hours of the day follow and green lights come on as daring Mars makes a harmonious sextile to dependable Saturn at 1:21 pm Wednesday afternoon.

Stay up late and you get a kiss as the Moon trines sweet Venus at 1:01 am tomorrow morning. I suspect you’ll agree it’s been a strange day.

As times change.

1 thought on “Wednesday, December 6

  1. lance Ferguson

    our hearts go out to Skywatchers in California in the fire area….Mercury Retrograde often brings extreme winds…and problems with our critters…and this Rx is in inflamatory Sagittarius…which is also the sign of horses…keep a close eye on them if you have horses and ponies over the next three weeks


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