Wednesday, February 17

Caution lights.  This is the most difficult day of the month in the Skywatch. 

Stingy Saturn squares erratic and explosive Uranus at 11:07 am PST and I have no idea how this challenging square will play out.  Luna gets tangled up in this marker by squaring Saturn and meeting Uranus in the heavens at 9:48 am.  Not likely you’ll get much approval or agreement for your thinking today. 

Communication problems are likely when the Moon squares Retrograde Mercury at 6:32 pm and later, when the Moon squares Jupiter at 11:51 pm.  Hold off on finalizing matters today and pay extra attention to the kids and critters with this powerful square alive in the heavens. 

As times change.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday, February 17

    1. Beardedman

      Seriously Nancy, still nothing better to do but use Lance’s forum for petty political commentary. Try yahoo news, they love commentary

  1. Patte

    This was one of the worst days of my life. First I had to call the police because my crazy neighbor (mental illness) screaming at me through my tissue-thin wall that she knew I was hacking her wifi so she couldn’t watch tv. This was the fourth time in the last 2 days I had to go through this. The property manager advised me to call the cops, the second time in the past year I’ve had to have them come to take care of this issue.
    Then I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon because I had an injury to my right shoulder, but she was not interested in answering my questions and told me to just do what she told me. More prescriptions, and things I already knew wouldn’t work.
    The Saturn and Uranus square is hard at work creating chaos everywhere I look. Be careful everyone and I love you Leslie and Lance for your daily astrology!


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