Wednesday, February 6

All clear. Trust your intuition today as the Moon glides through psychic Pisces without connecting with any other planet.

This is also a good day to help others and to turn your imagination loose—Pisces energy always fires up our creative juices.

Evening hours are splendid for movies, dancing, concerts, and a sweet bedtime story. 

As times change

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, February 6

  1. Bill Bowan

    I hope I speak for hundreds if not thousands of voices; but for me, the first tab opened on my computer each day is Skywatch. Blessing to what you do for your fellow humans Lance and Leslie.!

  2. lance Ferguson

    thanks for this cluck, Bill…we enjoy our work and I’m a long time astrology student who loves to watch the planets move through the signs and then explain how these actions help us understand the highs and lows of each day. Blessings to you.

  3. Tremolo

    What Bill said! And I need my reading updated for 2019. Readers, if you haven’t had one done yet, stop hesitating. Many things become clear and I’ve avoided many a misstep and taken advantage of opportunities I would not have recognized.


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