Wednesday, January 10

Rock on.  The Skywatch is friendly and good for work or play today.  Green lights are up.

Trust your intuition this morning as the Moon trines psychic Neptune at 11:40 am PST.  Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night, but if you stay up late you’ll enjoy the Moon meeting lucky Jupiter in the heavens twenty minutes after midnight.

Notable: Mercury enters Winter sign Capricorn at 9:10 pm tonight which is likely to signal a new round of storms appearing on the weather map, and a more practical approach to plans and thinking in the days ahead.

As times change.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 10

  1. Elizabeth Chapman

    Hey All!
    Yeah, yesterday (East coast time) was kooky! Kinda bumbly/spazzy for me, as well! My dogger seemed…content to stay in earlier last evening…odd, for him! The coyotes had a really wild and crazy shindig howlfest in closish woods…and he heard it. There were a LOT of them!
    Phew! It’s a REALLY GOOD thing, that Mercury entering Cappy! More focus, more practicality…Please! Lol, take care everyone. Reading (book!) time…well, stay safe, and/but have fun, All!
    Lisa ❤️❤️


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