Wednesday, January 24

Tackle the hard jobs first.

The Moon enters practical Taurus at 5:39 am PST and sails out into calm seas. Green lights are up.

Logical Mercury meets compulsive and powerful Pluto in the heavens at 12:47 pm PST.  This is a good pair for researching a matter and finding solutions.  The Moon trines dependable Saturn at 12:56 pm encouraging agreements and understanding.

Caution lights kick on as the Sun and Moon form a challenging square at 2:20 pm when agreement will be harder to come by. Luna sails on to square Venus at 9:35 pm which often incites a sugar craving.

A peaceful and intelligent Mercury Jupiter sextile, exact at 3:28 am early tomorrow morning, lights up the evening skies even in this emotional blender—reach out.

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