Wednesday, July 12

A slight pause.

The Moon sextiles brilliant Uranus at 5:40 am PDT early this morning and then turns Void of Course until she enters psychic and imaginative Pisces at 8:51 am.

Green lights come on at this moment as the V/C period ends and the Skywatch clears. Luna then sails out into calm seas for the rest of the day and night.

This is a good day to help others, work on creative projects and to trust your intuition—all favored by the Pisces moon. And a good day to buy shoes, too. Pisces rules your feet.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 12

  1. Lory

    Lance, thanks for spilling the beans! Leslie has also taken good care of me from time to time! Leslie, many happy returns of the day! week! month! year(s)!


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