Wednesday, July 15.

Jump in. But don’t force the issue.

A string of positive markers fills the heavens this morning. The Moon lines up in harmony with Neptune, Jupiter, the Sun, and Pluto by 10:01 am PDT. However, the Sun opposes stubborn Pluto at 12:12 pm and this aspect makes most folks reactive to feeling pressure or manipulation from others.

A major healing and folks forging a bond of agreement is also possible today with this pairing. Oppositions, like all elements in astrology, have both positive and negative energies.

In all things, we all have a choice in how we use the energy of the day. Another positive aspect follows as Luna makes a very comfortable trine to reliable Saturn at 8:21 pm. The Moon then turns Void of Course until she enters Gemini at 10:19 pm.

Clear skies follow.

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