Wednesday, July 21

The energy and vibes today are very good but there will be a very short time out.

The Moon trines Mars at 7:06 am PDT, and we have energy to spare this morning. Green lights are up for work or play. Afternoon hours are stellar for important appointments as the Moon trines gentle Venus at 3:25 pm.

A short time out follows as Luna then turns Void of Course until she enters serious Capricorn at 3:36 pm. But green lights come back on once the Moon changes signs and an upbeat Moon Jupiter sextile at 4:41 pm keeps the positive energy in the day going.

Clear skies follow with one minor change. Venus enters practical and analytical Virgo at 5:37 pm and will stay in this earth sign until August 15. Virgo rules our pets, small animals, and this will be a good window of time to get a new pet and to take your pet to the vet.

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