Wednesday, June 12

Caution lights. Again we start out with a nice kiss when the Sun and Moon trine at 5:57 am PDT.

But an unwelcome Moon Pluto square follows at 8:15 am, and the Moon then turns Void of Course until she enters passionate Scorpio at 9:02 pm Wednesday night.

Hold off on making important decisions and purchases while the Moon is V/C as our intuition and judgment are not sharp during this part of the lunar cycle.

As times change

1 thought on “Wednesday, June 12

  1. Lance

    News on the biz front on MSN today: high-level execs think a recession is on its way and will be here in 2020. Likely you know the next bone crusher event in the Skywatch shows up in early 2020 and will be a feature in the heavens for some time.
    What is it? Saturn conjunct Pluto in earth sign Capricorn – a pair that can generate hard times, restrictions and often the death/rebirth of governments, corporations – and often put a heavy load of worry and extra challenges in life we have to handle.
    The first exact hit occurs on Jan 12, 2020. Best then to be cautious with finances, purchases and systems and organizations that are weak – stress levels will rise.

    Predictions of specific events are beyond the scope of Astrology. We just know the kind of energy that will be present and have some information from watching these events in the past as to what could happen again. Our reaction here in Birch Bay will be to lay low, stay home and out of difficult situations. The positive side of this pair and there is always a positive energy in all the planets and signs, is that it acts like a tempering process. “The ability to perform the most difficult work with extreme self-discipline” according to Reinhold Ebertine. Capricorn rules your ambitions. This will be a testing time when you can find the focus and key to your ambitions or lose the way…. as times change.


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