Wednesday, June 19

Firepower. And a little dangerous.

This is not the day to push your luck. Luna translates the big event of the day as she opposes Mars and conjuncts Pluto at 4:16 am PDT early this morning. Caution lights kick on at this moment as Luna turns Void of Course until she enters Aquarius at 7:01 pm this evening.

Pluto is on stage today in two flavors. Mercury opposes Pluto at 3:52 am, but the bigger event is aggressive Mars lining up opposite compulsive Pluto at 8:21 pm this evening. In power all day and night, Pluto can heal, and he can destroy.

Outcomes today are up to you: The stars impel, they don’t compel. Pluto is both Luke and Darth—likely you’ll meet both kinds of people today.

As times change.

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