Wednesday, June 6

A foggy start.  Confused Mercury squares dreamy Neptune at 7:08 am PDT Wednesday morning.

Caution lights are up today—people and matters may not be what they seem with Neptune in the foreground.  Signals are mixed all through the day.

The best event in the morning hours appears at 9:38 am when the Moon trines optimistic Jupiter.  However, stress levels immediately rise as the Sun and Moon square at 11:32 am.

More foggy astrological weather follows as the Moon meets spacey Neptune in the heavens at 12:25 pm and travels on to square Mercury at 1:33 pm.  Another difficult marker follows as the Sun squares unrealistic Neptune at 10:59 pm.  Problems with alcohol, drugs and impractical ideas all are more likely with this square.

Meanwhile the Moon sextiles Pluto at 8:53 pm and then trines sweet Venus at 11:35 pm hopefully bringing the evening’s events to a peaceful and positive conclusion.

Be careful with financial matters today as Neptune can easily cloud the issue and leave you with a losing situation.

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