Wednesday, March 31

Jump in. Green lights are up today—the Skywatch is good for work or play.

The Moon trines creative and psychic Neptune at 8:58 am PDT and your hunches are likely to be right on target. Just don’t go overboard in your expectations when the Moon squares overconfident Jupiter at 11:52 am.

The good news in the Skywatch today appears at 2:04 pm when the Sun sextiles dependable Saturn. This is a good time to deal with the DMV, your boss, or any government agency.

Luna then sextiles healing Pluto at 5:28 pm encouraging agreements and solutions around your home or office. Note the Moon then turns Void of Course until she enters upbeat Sagittarius at 10:58 pm. This new shift of energy may keep you up later than usual tonight. As times change.

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