Wednesday, May 12

Green lights. This is a day of Grace with an extremely positive lineup of aspects in the Skywatch. The Moon enters clever Gemini at 5:43 am PDT and flies out into clear space. Gemini ruler Mercury trines realistic Saturn at 11:33 am—a stellar time for an important appointment or meeting.

The Moon then meets, conjuncts charming Venus at 3:20 pm which usually puts everyone in a good mood. A creative and romantic Sun Neptune sextile at 10:45 pm lights up evening hours setting up a good night for introductions and blind dates.

As times change.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday, May 12

    1. Jenny Wiberley

      Also my best friend and sister-in-law BD!
      Your June letter was so good I’m happy for you and Leslie and glad you’re out of Texas!
      Skywatch is so important to me and family, thank you for all you do! I hope you new abode will serve you well. Happy summertime. Jenny

  1. Sharis

    OMG! Thanks for the warning of another big BAD square coming June 14!!! Earthquakes and volcanoes? CA is earthquake country. I will make sure I am as prepared as I can be. Thank you for the advance warning in the Une Skywatch now available.

  2. Sharis Woodard

    Lots of problems with the negligent predatory mobile home park owners here today… Negligence catching up with them? They have been making big profits by neglecting residents in parks nationwide. Any clues on this from astrology?

  3. lance ferguson

    Sharis, Saturn is the planet of responsibility; Uranus is the rebel – your problems with them could get worse. Sorry to say.
    Aquarius rules the 7th house of partnerships in Trump’s chart – could be problems there or a health problem. In old lore this square was called “the heart attack square” However, Uranus is unpredictable, so we have no idea what will happen.


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