Wednesday, May 17

Saddle up. The Skywatch today is stellar for handling priority calls and business—and for dealing with difficult people or situations.

The Moon in friendly Aquarius sextiles adaptable Venus at 11:09 am PDT encouraging agreement and compromises for most folks. Even better, Luna trines generous Jupiter at 2:16 pm this afternoon creating an excellent moment for a sales call or to see your lawyer, both ruled by Jupiter.

You won’t get the kids to bed early tonight as the Moon trines tireless Mars at 10:38 pm. You might stay up later than usual tonight, too.

As times change.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday, May 17

  1. Jack M

    It’s 7 a.m. EDT, and the difficult business people are already on the warpath! I knew you would know that, Lance!

  2. Julianna

    I’m trying to finalize plans for a move and I’m wondering if I need to wait until Merc clears its shadow (5/22 I believe). I’m already fairly confident in the decision I am going to make, and its been underway for several weeks now, but I just wasn’t sure if at this point the shadow was a big deal. Ultimately the issue is about informing my roommate of my plans (so, communication, hence the concern about Merc). As always, thanks for all you do, I couldn’t start my day without Skywatch !

  3. lance Ferguson

    go ahead, Juliana….Saturn is trine to Uranus now…stability kisses change….if you are sure, to ahead and cluck…not worried at all about Mercury…and good luck with the move.


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