Wednesday, May 27

Tackle the hard jobs first thing.  The kiss of the day shows up at 12:02 pm PDT when the Sun and Moon join hands in a sextile.  A note of tension follows as Luna squares jumpy Uranus at 2:34 pm.  But that’s it.  Clear skies follow for the rest of the day and night.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, May 27

  1. Sandy Watts

    Just read your Letter with the Members June Calendar….
    THANK YOU again for writing such a fun, vivid description of your magical area – and sharing a ‘visit’ and song with you and Leslie!!!
    You are the best!!!
    Enjoy your talented new hair stylist – and please stay clear of those Murder Hornets……

  2. lance ferguson

    thank you, Sandy….no hornets here now but found in BC…hoping they don’t come our way…they are nasty…


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