Wednesday, November 20

Good news. Mercury finally ends his three-week Retrograde cycle that began on Halloween at 11:12 am PST Wednesday morning.

Look for delays and communication problems to decrease and hopefully end in the days ahead. Yes, yes, yes.

Take advantage of this positive change in the Skywatch when the Moon sextiles Mercury at 1:32 pm.

Clear skies follow until the Moon opposes dreamy Neptune at 8:52 pm, but Luna then trines dependable Saturn at 10:43 pm, and peace prevails in the heavens.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 20

  1. Merle Morrigan

    Tears, bad moods and frowns around my breakfast table this AM! I found myself almost YELLING at my Apt. Mgr, bursting into tears at the MARKET! and blubbering when my Nurse practitioner sang a little song to me, like hope hiding down in the corner of Pandora’s box,

    “God danced the day you were born
    The angels did the bump to Gabriel’s horn”
    God danced the day you were born
    So grateful for the gift of you

    come on Mercury, bump on back into pro-cessing
    Yes, yes, yes.

  2. edens enlightment

    Glad im not the only one who had a relatively bad day today, maybe there was something else affecting the energy today that could not be accounted for, cause my day and the skywatch do not add up

  3. Lance Ferguson

    you have your own personal astrology working each day, too, Edens. Sounds like you had a big square lining up in your birth chart…hope it leaves soon.


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