Wednesday, November 29

Green lights.

But be patient, aware and pace yourself—stick to a canter today.

The Moon in impatient Aries will inspire some pilgrims to be hasty and gallop into an argument or accident—the most likely hour is around 3:53 pm when the Moon squares demanding and inflexible Pluto. Clear skies follow.

Use the Aries energy well by going or doing something first time today and tonight. All physical activities are also good outlets—Aries rules your muscles.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 29

  1. lance Ferguson

    I have Mercury in Gemini in my natal chart = always curious. So I ran some charts.
    Uranus is the actor in the dismissal of Capricorns Charlie Rose and Matt Laurer.
    Rose has his Mars in 27 Aries…Uranus hit that point last month.
    Laurer has his Moon in 25 Aries…Uranus is there now.
    Uranus rules the truth and always has an unexpected element. If your birthday is April 14-18, Uranus is sitting on your Sun. This only happens once in 84 years and is bound to shake up your life, too.

  2. Chicken

    Awesome, trainer at work asked me to review a sensitive email to set an example for us trainees but missed a crucial detail I pointed out, always my Aries classic mistake. Banged out an awesome project this morning the bosses weren’t expecting and hired a trauma specialist therapist this evening. So fitting!


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