Wednesday, November 6

Some hope is in the air this week.   We have a big-time sextile between realistic Saturn and idealistic Neptune forming and exact on Friday.  

Sextiles bring times of opportunity and positive energy - good times to take action.  Of course, you have to double-check the details this week with Mercury Rx.  But this sextile opens the door to positive conditions and developments this week.

And green lights are up on Wednesday to make some progress in whatever you plan as the Skywatch is clear and easygoing Wednesday morning.  The Moon in psychic Pisces links up with the Sun in a welcome trine at 8:25 pm PST this evening.  

The Moon then translates the big sextile by making a sextile to Saturn and conjunction to dreamy Neptune at 11:38 pm.  Likely you’ll be ready for the sack around this moment.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 6

  1. Marcia Shaw

    wrote to to get my subscription change to online as you folks requested. Haven’t heard anything back yet , maybe I did something wrong?
    Please advise me what to do next- or maybe she is just very busy getting us all subscribed.
    We love your Skywatch!

  2. Sheridan Meek

    Your astrology was spot on, unfortunately, here in Katy, TX. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Went out to do some errands; and, ambulances were all over the place. I am having the worst Mercury retrograde I have ever had including a bad fall on Monday. Mercury is my ruling planet.

  3. Stephen

    I second that. I filed a complaint against a government agency, in the country where I live, on Monday evening. What with Mercury Rx, three documents failed to upload, so I completed my complaint within minutes of the square being exact on Tuesday. Then yesterday, I learned that the same government agency had come forward to an activist organization (that I have no links with), admitting wronging more than 100 others in a very similar way. Yes, Mars in the sign of justice and fairness squarely up against Pluto in the sign of government – I won’t touch that remote control for a while…


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