Wednesday, November 7

A New Moon in powerful Scorpio, exact at 8:02 am PST, headlines the Skywatch today.

New Moons bring a good time to plant seeds and for new initiatives. Scorpio energy is transformational. So it’s very likely new people will be elected to office when the final votes are tallied today.

There’s good energy around this lunation as the Moon trines compassionate Neptune at 5:31 am PST and then sextiles Scorpio ruler Pluto at 3:06 pm. It all adds up to make this day a stellar one to put new plans into motion and to plant a positive seed in your life.

Quiet skies return past the sextile and continue for the rest of the day and night.

As times change.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 7

  1. Carol

    Question? I have been working on getting my first book published. Having delays with cover colors of book. The question concern is this book has been a 2 year process. I wanted to get it out before mercury retro. If that is not possible is releasing/publishing during merc. retro a negative, are their pitfalls to that. I really don’t want to delay until Dec. after merc. direct. Any advice, comments are very welcome. Hope you don’t mind. Writing/publishing this 1 of 3 series is a real project of my heart and was life changing so thanks again for any thoughts. cj

  2. lance Ferguson

    there’s no problem with getting your book out during Mercury Rx…except may be thinking you’ll sell millions of copies immediately. Good luck.

    1. Carol

      Thank you that is very helpful and leaves my mind. You never know I might sell him millions of copies☺️ I am into positive thinking on this one. Thanks very much Lance.


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