Wednesday, November 8

Step lightly.

The Moon is in highly sensitive Cancer today which brings feelings into the limelight—for many they will outweigh logic today.

A bit of static is in the air this morning as the Moon opposes stubborn Pluto at 7:06 am PST.

Clear skies follow, and green lights are up for work or play on Wednesday.

A surprise of some kind is likely as the Moon squares unpredictable Uranus at 9:14 pm this evening.

Luna turns Void of Course a minute later.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 8

  1. lance Ferguson

    Uranus is exactly square Venus in Trump’s chart now…would be a break-up in some relationships….and the truth coming out in others.

    next week, Pluto will square his Jupiter…suggests problems with the law,,,

  2. Richard L.

    Lance, I agree with your take on Trump’s Uranus transit. I studied the next few months’ transits affecting him, and also noticed that Uranus will be squaring his Saturn within a degree from early December through late January, and then will square his Venus again in February. But since he has a close Venus-Saturn conjunction natally, I suspect/hope that this entire time period, covering the next 4 months, may signal a major change in his and our fortunes, and perhaps a well-deserved political come-uppance for him (plus potential legal issues).

  3. lance Ferguson

    Your analysis is right on, Richard. Uranus rules “the truth” which is more likely to come out with Uranus in Aries squaring his selfish Venus Saturn conjunction in Cancer (mother me; I’m a child).
    However, Uranus is unpredictable, rebellious, and is conjunct Trump’s Sun at birth. I’m just praying he doesn’t start a war.
    The Pluto Jupiter square suggests foreign elements which are ruled by Jupiter. Let the investigation go on and let’s get at the truth.


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