Wednesday, September 12

This is a day of Grace with a stellar afternoon for important appointments, meetings, and travel.

Venus makes an appearance today adding more good energy to the Jupiter-Pluto sextile.  She opposes jumpy Uranus early this morning at 2:01 am PDT but then travels on to sextile, kiss dependable Saturn at 8:58 pm this evening.

The only problems in the Skywatch appear in the morning hours after the Moon enters Scorpio at 11:15 am, she squares hasty Mars at 11:52 am and then opposes Uranus a 2:50 pm. Moon aspects are minor and fleeting—don’t overreact to problems that come up then.

Keep your focus on the big picture today, and you are likely to make some progress.

Afternoon hours are the best for priority events as the Moon meets sociable Venus in the heavens at 3:31 pm and then sextiles dependable Saturn a 3:46 pm which translates or spreads the good energy in the Venus Saturn connection and encourages positive encounters and realistic thinking and decisions on Wednesday.

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