Wednesday, September 9

Mixed signals. Morning hours are the best for important calls, meetings, and business. The Sun trines lucky and optimistic Jupiter at 9:04 am PDT encouraging agreements and compromise.

Caution lights kick on this afternoon as Mars begins a long Retrograde cycle at 3:23 pm. Any planet in Rx almost works against itself and often denies progress or success in the matters it rules. Mars is the leader, explorer, initiator who gives us the energy to put new plans into motion. When Mars is Rx our plans often don’t materialize, and we have to start over once Mars turns back direct in motion on November 13.

A better use of this time is to be working on a project you will unveil and initiate after the Rx cycle concludes. This particular Mars Rx cycle is in home sign Aries adding more difficulty to this period of time as it increases the desire to take action, and often without counting the cost or consequences.

Thus, accidents, fights, violence, and badly misguided actions along with mechanical breakdowns are all more likely in the weeks ahead. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread sums it up.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday, September 9

  1. Kathleen

    Reporting from northern Mendocino where we have severe smoke raining ash and red skies all day and black skies at noon fires everywhere around us inversion layers trapping smoke over us
    Hell fire Armageddon mars planet scapes
    This have anything to do with mars ?

      1. Kathleen

        It’s tough definitely but we also are disabled veteran
        Family working with cal fire on fighting these wild land fires so we aren’t leaving yet

  2. lance ferguson

    Kathleen, horrible fires..and we have them, too, in Washington…and yes, Mars is the ruler of fires, explosions, burns, guns, violence, headaches, soldiers, police, but these fires go way beyond Mars…
    global warming more the cause…and it’s sad and so scary to be caught up in it like you are…
    sending out prayers you are safe and remain so.

  3. John Blackburn

    Bob and I took Carlene and Sia to the vet for their check up in our Mars rover. It feels like Mars. Looks like Mars. It is Mars by the bay… Another day in paradise on Mars. The sky is a very dark Orange, and there is a layer of ash on everything.

  4. lance ferguson

    John, a friend sent me pics…it is mindblowing how weird it looks…so sad and horrible. Ash, too, is a terrible mess …all we can do is send out prayers out to the folks in the path of these fires….we have some smoke but nothing like what you have. And we are just starting Mars Rx…not a good sign…Mars color is red. be safe, be well….

  5. C

    Question: If plans were laid out for this period of time until Nov. in the last month and written down with intention then is there a better chance of initiating them, not completing but starting. Such as working on an in process book (editing), new work that just began, and decreasing possesions, going through house. How does the Mars energy work for that. I remember you used to say if a wedding or plans were intitated before Mercury went retro then it was ok to go forward with such plan. Thanks for your time. cj

  6. lance ferguson

    no gas, no energy when Mars is Rx, no matter when it was planned. It’s about not having the drive to carry things through. some things will still work but you can expect low power while mars is Rx. does that answer your question?


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